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Приемная комиссия Института дополнительно будет работать по субботам с 10.00 до 14.00 часов.

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The research activities of the Pushkin Institute are aimed at:

  • modernization and innovative updating of integration processes in a comprehensive educational and research space,
  • implementation of the strategic objectives for a qualitative change in the system of research cooperation in the field of creating new concepts and effective methodological strategies,
  • forecasting the main trends in the study and teaching of the Russian language, literature, culture.

The research activities of the Institute are organized within the framework of priority and perspective research areas.

Priority research areas:

  • Linguistic personality and communication in the digital age
  • Digital linguodidactics
  • Neurocommunicative research
  • Intercultural communication
  • Bilingualism and linguistic migration studies
  • Language testology
  • Pushkin code in the era of digital communications

Perspective research areas:

  • History and current state of the Russian language
  • History and current state of literature in Russian
  • Russian as a foreign language and its teaching methodology
  • The functioning of the Russian language for special purposes
  • Speech activity of native Russian speakers
  • Interdisciplinary studies of the Russian language
  • Cultural studies of Russia