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The Institute: General Information

  • teaching and research center
  • many years of experience in teaching Russian to international students
  • highly qualified teachers
  • latest methodology and techniques

The Institute was founded in 1966. It was granted its present status in 1998. License No. 1982 issued 13.10.2011.

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute specializes in teaching Russian to international students and in training teachers to teach Russian as a foreign language. It has three main departments:

  1. Philological Department
  2. Department of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
  3. Center for Continuing Education

The academic program of the Philological Department is based on three cycles: a four-year Bachelor Program, a two- year Master Program, and a three- year post-graduate program. Upon graduation students are granted state diplomas and degrees of Bachelor of Philology and Master of Philology specializing in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

International MA/MS degrees holders wishing to pursue a PhD degree are welcome to apply for the post-graduate course.

The Department of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (Russian Language Courses) provides a wide range of educational services in the field of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Russian language courses are available at all levels from beginners to advanced.

Students acquire a good command of the Russian language, learn about Russian culture and literature, and master the techniques of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Advanced students can choose among lectures or workshops on the Russian language, literature, culture and civilization, or take a course in Business Russian (communication and correspondence).

All students are provided with course materials and have full access to all Institute facilities and resources including language labs, video and computer-equipped classes, library, audio, video and computer programs developed at the Institute. The course duration is 1-10 months.

The programme can be tailored to students’ needs. Students can choose courses of the following groups of subjects:

  • Russian Language Improvement
  • Russian Culture and Literature
  • Russian Teaching Methodology and Techniques

For those willing to spend their vacations studying Russian, Russian Language International Summer Courses are held throughout June - August. Visa support is provided. Residential students are accommodated in the Institute’s hall of residence. The full program provides:

  • 24 academic hours of language classes per week
  • excursions to Moscow historic sites and museums (for some educational programs).

The Center for Continuing Education provides:

  • programs in professional development for teachers of Russian as a foreign language;
  • language internships for undergraduates and graduates from overseas colleges specializing in humanities;
  • a distant course in teaching Russian as a foreign language;
  • a preparatory course for international holders of BA and BS degrees intended to enroll on a Master’s Program
  • elective courses on linguistics and methodology.
Individual professional interests and needs are catered for with the utmost consideration.

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute Certificates are issued upon completion of the course.

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation offers certificated examinations in Russian in compliance with the Council of Europe standards.

The examinations are also held at examination centers in Poland, Bulgaria, Rumania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, Slovakia, France, Spain, Estonia and other countries.