Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

Upon arrival at the Institute, you should do the following:

  • contact Reception on the ground floor, at the entrance to the Institute (available 24/7, tel. +7 (495) 335-11-00),
  • show your passport at the Reception,
  • then get a key to your room and a Guest Card.
The receptionist will show you how to get to the Dormitory, which is located in a separate building of the Institute.

Contact an International Department officer on the first working day following your arrival. 
A list of International Department officers, including their room and telephone numbers, is posted at the Reception Desk. Remember to carry your documents:

  • your passport and a copy of the passport’s first page (the one with your photograph and personal details),
  • a copy of your visa,
  • your migration card and its copy,
  • a 3x4 cm photograph for your Student Identification Card,
  • money in Russian rubles to pay for tuition and accommodation.
If you study on a contract basis, during your first interview you will be requested to sign a contract, with its price to be paid within two (2) days of arrival.

Any course participants/students staying for training beyond their Visa Expiry Date must — six weeks before the end of the Registration Validity Period — visit the International Department with the required documents (your passport, migration card, Contract, and two 3х4 cm photographs) to extend your registration and obtain a multiple visa. An official fee for the issue of a multiple visa is one thousand six hundred (1600) rubles. 

All foreign students arriving at the Institute must carry health insurance or obtain it through the International Department. Locally obtained health insurance will cover medical services available both at the Institute’s medical point and at the city clinics.

Should you have any problems with these arrangements, do not hesitate to contact the Institute's International Department:

  • the officer responsible for your particular country (Rooms 215–222, Admin Building);
  • the assistant of the International Depratment (tel.: +7 (495) 330-89-47).