Application Form for Summer Courses

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To receive an invitation letter for Russian visa, you need:

  • to send us via e-mail pages of your passport 
  • with photo, personal information, date of issue, and expiry date (including prolongation stamp).
  • to fill in the application form below.
The Institute will contact you by email within 10 days of getting your application form. If you didn't receive any answer from the Institute within 10 days, please send an email with your first and last name, country, and the date of filling out the application to

Family Name (in Russian letters):
First Name (in Russian letters):
Family Name (as in the passport):
Name (as in the passport):
Date of birth (day/month/year):
Country of birth:
City of birth:
Passport number:
Date of issue (day/month/year):
Expiry date (with prolongation, day/month/year):
Home address with post/ZIP code:
Contact phone:
Place of study/work:
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Business phone:
Consulate to apply for visa (city):
How long and where have you studied Russian?
Please register and pass the test of Russian language proficiency at the web-portal PushkinOnline. Enter the result of your test:
Rate your level of proficiency:
Choose program and dates of study:
Program 1. Start Speaking Russian (for novice learners).
Program 2. Continue Learning Russian (for those at level A1 aiming further).
Program 3. Speak Russian Correctly (remedial course in grammar and vocabulary, level A2).
Program 4. Improve Your Russian (level B1).
Program 5. Speak Russian Fluently (intensive speaking practice at levels B2 and C1).
Program 6. Reaching highest Levels of Russian Language Proficiency.

Dates (day/month/year)
(for programs 1-6):

Program 7. Business Russian (level B1 and higher). Prepare for a certification exam in business communication in Russian language
Program 8. Prepare for TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language). Prepare for a certification exam in everyday communication in Russian language (level A1 and higher).
Program 9. Russian Language for Cultural Studies (level B1 and higher).
Program 10. Russian Language for Diplomats and Students of Political Science and Social Sciences (level B2 and higher).
Program 11. Russian Language for Journalists and Students of Mass Media (level B1 and higher).
Program 12. Russian Language in International Tourism (level B1 and higher).
Program 13. Russian Language for Medical Students (level B1 and higher).
Program 14. Russian Language for Bilinguals.
Program 15. Russian Language for Engineering and Technical Students and Specialists.
Program 16. Russian Language for Oil and Gas Industry Specialists.
Program 17. Russian Language for Guides of Russian-Speaking Tourists (level B1 and higher).

Dates (day/month/year)
(for programs 7-16):

Mark the dates of your stay in Russia (needed for visa. Please note that your visa will be purchased for the dates marked by you)

Date of arrival to Russia

Date of departure from Russia

Type of accommodation:
not required
shared room with facilities
Personal requests:
I give to the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute my permission for the transfer, processing, storage, depersonalization, removal of personal data specified in the application form for visa support, entrance tests and possible training for a period necessary for the implementation of all related actions and responsibilities. I know that consent can be withdrawn through a written application.