Russian Language Certification Testing

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

Everyday Russian communication examinations to be completed within 1 day.

An exam lasts from 2 to 5 hours depending on the level of examination.

Examinations are given by a specialist of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute.

    Business Russian examinations are organized:
  • Basic level - within 1 day
  • Intermediate and advanced – within 2 days.
Examination duration from 4 up to 8,5 hrs depending on the level.

Intermediate and advanced examinations are given by a specialist of State Pushkin Institute of Russian Language and an expert from Chamber of Commerce of Russian Federation.

All exams are organized according the format of examination.

A examination is considered as a pass if a candidate gets more than 65% in each test part correct.

Examinations are organized on fee basis. In case of failure a candidate has a chance to take the whole exam or its part, the cost of taking another chance is 50% from the whole examination cost.

If you’re in Moscow, you can take a preparation course in a group (group starts if more than 8 people apply for a prep course) or an individual at Moscow Pushkin State Institute. To get abroad an information about preparation please contact one of the certification centers.