Russian Language Certification Testing

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

Level - Elementary Communication

Test Goal Item type
Test 1. Reading
20 min Full content comprehension (biography, historical reference, dialog)
  • Matching items to 2 texts (5 phrases each)
  • Multiple choice for 10 dialogue replies
Test 2. Writing
30 min Writing a fax response Filling out a form or a post card
  • A fax response
  • Filling out a form or a post card
Test 3. Grammar and Vocabulary
15 min
  • Gender and number of nouns and verbs
  • Word combinations
  • Cases (nominative, genitive, accusative, dative, prepositional)
Multiple choice (30 items)
Test 4. Listening and Comprehension
20 min Full comprehension
  • matching choice for 4 dialogues about everyday life (5 phrases to each dialogue)
  • multiple choice for 14 dialogue replies
2 time listening – multiple choice of one of three answers from 14 spoken replies in the dialogs.
Test 5. Oral exam
10 min
  • Giving a reaction
  • Starting a conversation
  • Answer to a partner according to the given situation
  • Start the dialogue according to the given situation