Cultural and Entertainment Programme of the International Russian Language Summer Courses

Dear students of the Summer Courses,

We are glad to let you know about cultural and entertainment events organized for you every Wednesday and after the lessons on the other days!

Join our excursions and additional classes that will help you learn a lot about Russian culture and our traditions and have some fun.

It will be yet another chance to visit the most interesting sights of Moscow, learn the history of these places, plunge into the atmosphere of the city and make beautiful photos with the best views of Moscow!

Do not forget to bring your camera and documents!

We will take care of the rest!

Join our interesting walking tours every Wednesday!


Mrs. Galina Nikolaevna Kuptsova, Director of the Summer Courses (room 261)

You should take for the tour:

  • Moscow city transport ticket or Troika card
  • Student ID card
  • insurance policy
  • passport with visa, migration card (originals or copies)

Please dress yourself according to the weather, put on comfortable shoes, take a hat or something else to cover your head, take an umbrella. And do not forget about the good mood;)


August 3 - Walking guided tour to the main sights of Moscow

August 10 - The Precious Heritage of Moscow (Zamoskvorechye, Bolotnaya square, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior)

August 17 - The Historical Outskirts of Moscow (Kolomenskoye)

August 24 - Guided tour to 'Literary Moscow'

Moscow_august.png Moskva_zap_10_avg.png Moskva_istor_17_avg.png Moskva_lit_24_avg.png

That's what we've already done:

in July 2018

July 4, July 6 - Walking guided tour to the main sights of Moscow

July 11/12 - Zamoskvorechye (and more)

July 13 - Kuskovo

July 18/20 - Kremlin in Izmaylovo

June 19 - Guided tour to 'Literary Moscow'

Обзорная экскурсия июль  Zamoskvorechye_11_12.07.png  Kuskovo_13.07.png  Izmaylovo_18_20.07.png  Moskva_literaturnaya_19.07.png

in June 2018

June 13 - Zamoskvorechye (and more)

June 20 - Kremlin in Izmaylovo

June 27 - Sights of Soviet Moscow

Экскурсия по Замоскворечью 13 июня Афиша Экскурсия3.png  Афиша Экскурсия4.png

In the Dance School you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with Russian folk dances!

Рисунок 4.jpg Barynya ('The Landlady'), Quadrille, Khorovod ('Round Dance') - all these words which might seem strange would be familiar to you. You would feel like real artists: there will be a wonderful chance to show everything you learned to at the Dance School! We are sure that it will be a unique experience for you and something to tell about to the children and grandchildren!))

Russian dance is a conversation in Russian, too!

We are waiting for you on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.30 pm in the sports hall #2!




If you like to watch movies, please welcome to our Cinema Club in order to watch modern Russian movies and classics of Soviet cinema on a wide screen. Cinema Club is a place where you may discuss movies and cartoons, share your opinion about the main idea and reflect on what the director wanted to say when he shot the movie. We are sure it will be very exciting and useful, because it is yet another chance to improve your Russian!

Let's get acquainted with Russian life through Russian cinema!

Every Thursday at 3 pm, lecture room #3 (3 potochnaya aud.)

Enjoy watching a movie in a good company!

Let's sing about Russia and in Russian!

Every Friday at 3 pm (since June 15)

We are glad to let those who is fond of music and songs know about our Russian singing lessons!

You will get acquainted with Russian songs, understand what they are about, and learn to sing them.

Whether you know how to sing or just love to do it - anyway we are glad to see everyone who loves Russian songs just as we love them!