Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

Application form for Russian Language Courses


Attention! The number of vacant places in the Institute's dormitory is limited, therefore it is recommended to book alternative accommodation option. Information about vacant places in the dormitory will be available a few days before the classes start.

To receive an invitation letter for Russian visa, you need:
  1. to send us via e-mail inbox@pushkin.institute pages of your passport
    with photo, personal information, date of issue, and expiry date (including prolongation stamp).
  2. to fill in the application form below.

Please note that the application deadline is 2 months prior to the starting date of the course chosen by you.

The Institute will contact you by email within 10 days of getting your application form. If you didn't receive any answer from the Institute within 10 days, please send an email with your first and last name, country, and the date of filling out the application to VMKosteva@pushkin.institute.
Family Name (in Russian letters):
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Name (as in the passport):
Date of birth (day/month/year):
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City of birth:
Passport number:
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Expiry date (with prolongation, day/month/year):
Home address with post/ZIP code:
Contact phone:
Place of study/work:
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Business phone:
Consulate to apply for visa (city):
You want to take:
Russian language practice course
Bachelor program
Master program
Post-graduate program
Professional improvement
How long and where have you studied Russian?
Rate your level of proficiency:
Course starts (day/month/year):
Course ends (day/month/year):
Type of accommodation:
not required
regular shared room with facilities (2/3 persons)
Personal requests:
I give to the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute my permission for the transfer, processing, storage, depersonalization, removal of personal data specified in the application form for visa support, entrance tests and possible training for a period necessary for the implementation of all related actions and responsibilities. I know that consent can be withdrawn through a written application.