• 29.10.2019 14:25:00

A Mayan language very much alive: the Yucatec Maya language of Mexico

On November’6th, 2019 professor of linguistics Rodrigo Octavio Gutiérrez Bravo, Mexico is giving a lecture «A Mayan language very much alive: the Yucatec Maya language of Mexico».

Ancient Maya civilization has attracted the attention of scholars for close to 200 years now. We tend to think that this civilization suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind nothing except impressive art and archaeological sites. However, Maya civilization didn't simply disappear. The descendants of the ancient Maya still inhabit Southeast Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras, and they speak 29 different languages. This general-public talk is about Yucatec Maya, the Mayan language spoken today in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, and the specific social context of this language in contemporary Mexico. But ultimately, it is talk about the Mayan people, the speakers of this language, and their current efforts to preserve their language and prevent it from disappearing.

Conference-hall, 15:00

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